Our Team

Our Dedication is to create an
exceptional experience

New Horizon team creates unique experiences for clients across the Kingdom, taking care of minute detail. Our exceptional track record is built on the dedicated team. We’re comfortable being the geniuses behind the scenes, but sometimes people want to know who we are

Here we are…..A perfect blend of creativity and experience set out to make a difference. We believe we are “The best people formula” of makers, thinkers, creators, explorers fuelled with passion whose ONLY aim is to deliver GREAT outcomes.

Mr. Shoaib Abdullah
Founder & CEO

Mr. Abdullah is the driving force of the team… Every great company needs a man who ensures and keeps the rhythm of the business in the right direction & well-bonded to achieve the company goals. Exceptionally well qualified & highly experienced professional. He has an unstoppable drive for delivering quality projects & he is fuelled with passion to be the best. Mr. Abdullah has a dedicated and proactive approach to adding value that positions him and the company with a reputation for going that extra mile. As a visionary, believes in being responsive to the business needs of every verticals that falls under the domain of New Horizon & keeps ahead of the competition. With a focus on business excellence and expansion & as a CEO of the group Mr. Abdullah has plays a significant role in shaping guidelines for the success..

Eng. Fahad AlGarni
Managing Director

Eng. Fahad’s focus at New Horizon is on building relationships within the local & International market. He adds strong Business Development and Account Management skills to the team. Eng. Fahad’s hold a Challenging role and one of the main pillars of New Horizon, developing incomparable essence to the events & conferences business development. Career-oriented personnel with passion, thrive & drive towards accomplishing newer business goals in the kingdom & beyond. His contribution towards New Horizon’s growth is phenomenal. Fostering meaningful business relationships both locally & Internationally. He is known for his Strong & fluent communication skills, In-depth knowledge of the industry, the ability to handle pressure, skill in prioritizing and triaging obligations, Attention to detail and he is Socially adept

Eng. Sultan AlJohni
Conference Executive Manager

Eng. Sultan has been a Conference Executive Manager, have successfully managed more than 100 Conferences of various topics. A thorough professional, committed, well organized & a pragmatic thinker, a personality well known for organizing annual conferences for KACST. The conferences managed by Eng. Sultan were both academic and professional based over a range of topics from Cyber security to management, from telecom to information technology. His contribution & commitment towards New Horizon is commendable and undoubtedly has played a major role in the success of the events all-in-all resulting in the success of the organization.

With the ability, solely drives the events & brings life to the events with the professional touch from the inception to the conclusion.

Mohammad Al Matham
Business Development Manager

Mr. Matham has a broad knowledge of the many facets of business. With a commendable experience, inspires productive changes. Matham is an important ally to ACIT who believes in bringing about change and improvement. He provides the company with a fresh outlook on new ideas, Analyses business practices and recommends improvements, He evaluates the business as a whole, and determine the best approach, provides management oversight on technical direction, onsite management & financials, thus contributing towards the increasing productivity levels..

Mr. Alaa Al Zoubi
Executive Director

Mr. Alaa holds experience in ensuring successful growth and finding the right solution for any business challenges. He keeps abreast the pulse of the biz – keeping everyone in line and business booming. A multi-talented and a pragmatic personality successfully built both his reputation and quality of work standards. He has been associated since the inception. He is instrumented the complete functional process that led to the pragmatic & strategic decision making. He is constantly working on developing, Implementing & executing the company's business strategies, formulating newer business plans & being a advisor to the board and chairperson.

Abdullah AlGarni
HR & Admin

Abdullah directs and coordinates the administrative functions, communicates company policies and terms of the contract. He oversees the recruitment, manages, creates, implements and supervises policies/regulations.

Mr. Bashar Kharbat
Communication Director

Mr. Bashar is a highly skilled and talented expert in corporate communications, PR, Media. With decades of experience in the Industry, he has achieved immense success in improving the brand image of a firm. Mr. Bashar is responsible for the implementation of communications both internally and externally. Heads the communications department, works closely with the PR and the Content writers as well as with various media & advertising personnel in the business in order to develop suitable communication plans and strategies. He ensures that communications support is constantly being provided by the PR and Content departments and that the messages in the content stay consistent and accurately represent the values and objectives of the particular project. With his outstanding communication skills, has been able to balance multiple projects and demands. None the less he has built the company brand eventually being the contributor of more business opportunities’

Gazala Arshiya
Marketing & Communications Manager

Gazala is dedicated & committed towards the company. Her combat has always been towards the organization’s success. Her academics in Masters in Marketing plays a vital role in meeting exorbitant expectations. She carries a blend of rich Marketing content writing skills, innovative concepts & creating social media content. She chalks, drafts and builds the profiles of the projects. She has an experience in liaising with the International & local Speakers, partnering with International & local Media houses. Previously has an experience of representing the company internationally & generating international business.

Danish Ahmed
Designing Head

Danish is a design wizard who creates designs which blazes elegance. From a simple Event Invitation to entire Event theme, he loves to execute graphic displays of highest quality. In his words.. "I am passionate about my work, I want to create stories, play with colours, explore my imaginations, communicate something authentic and move beyond convention. I want to paint images in people’s minds with my work. I pride myself for the creativity that I am endowed with.”